I have been using the Brush-t now for several months and have seen a significant increase in fairways hit and the distance my ball travels. When I drove the ball using a regular tee I noticed a mark from the tee on my driver face. This led me to believe if this was occurring the tee would make contact with the ball, which could cause my ball to go off line. Using the Brush t, my club feels like I am hitting a ball that is suspended in the air, which allows the ball to leave the club with no resistance. Gary Johnson, Orlando, FL

Brush-t is a great product. I saw it in the store and thought I might give it a try. Well, to my amazement, I am hitting more fairways and I don't seem to slice as much as I used to and my driving yardage seems to have increased as well. ...you've really made golf fun again with this product. Frank Daddabbo, Trenton, NJ

Recently I purchased some of you oversized and driver brush tees. Just the other day we had an employee golf outing. I started hitting the ball with your oversized brush tees. The results were INCREDIBLE!! I have never hit the ball so far and kept the ball in the fairway most of the time. The other people in my group started seeing my results and wanted to try the brush tees for themselves. They also saw great results and wanted to know where I bought them. I will keep using the brush tees as long as I play golf. The tees are a GREAT product!!!! Keep up the good work.

P.S.- I can't believe the results. The brush tees makes the game of golf just a little more easy. Thanks for the experience.
Dan Kelsey

I recently have acquired your product and I love it. It really does work and I love playing with it. I have since bought several as gifts for friends that have been met with rousing approval. Great Product.
Steve Sopo Lansing, MI

I started using Brush Tees after I found one on the golf course. That was a couple years ago and I've been hooked ever since. Why do I like the Brush-t? Let me count the ways:

1 - You tee it up to the same height every time. No guesstimating here and no pop ups because you guessed wrong.
2 - They never break. You're only risk is of losing them. As long as you use the container that they come in, they won't lose their shape over time either.

3 - You'll hit the ball farther using the Brush T. Unlike a tee that is cupped, the ball sits flat on the tips of the bristles. With a cupped tee, spin is imparted on the ball as it rubs against the cupped edge of the tee. It may be slight but this spin and friction will result in lost distance. Everybody wants a few extra yards, right?

Try them out, the Brush-t comes in all sizes for every club.
Posted by ohiogolf in March 23rd, 2008

Independent testing has shown the brush t really can improve your game.