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the club flows through the tee

the bristles of the brush-t help reduce unnecessary variables so your swing is purely clubhead and golf ball.

hand placing golf ball onto blue brush tee. reduce friction.

consistent tee height

there's already enough inconsistency with swing, green, and mindset, so having a tee that creates ideal consistent tee height gives you that much more of a head start.

get consistent
brush-t conforms to USGA and R and A rulings of golf

legal in tournaments

the brush-t was reviewed and conforms to the rulings of the USGA and R&A. see the certificate below.

review ruling

see what people are saying...

  • I won't use anything else if I can help it! These tees keep your ball at a consistent height so you can always find the sweet spot, and they really do add a few extra yards to your drives.

  • With my tendency to destroy tees, these little guys are just what the doctor ordered. The different sizes make it a little easier to hit with different clubs and for different distance. The fact that they’re brush means you can swing too low, and hit them directly, and they’ll come out unscathed.

  • I like it a lot, because makes highs consistence, doesn't break like traditional wooden tee and easier to set a ball on.

    Amazon Reviewer
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simple. advantages.

  • fast-flex bristles

    plastic bristles create an effortless tee off.

  • distance

    drive farther. drive straighter. reduce deflection by 2 degrees.

  • each brush-t is designed to maintain consistent height every time you tee up. Tee depth is 1.5" for all tees except the XLT tee which sits at a depth of 1.75"


    never question tee height again. choose the size, tee it up.