Great for people new to brush-t® as they can try each tee and find their favorite. The 4-Pack is a great stocking stuffer, gift, or giveaway.

  • product image for yellow XLT performance brush tee by brush-t the innovative golf accessory company that makes unbreakable plastic golf tees.


    The XLT is primarily used for larger drivers and offers a smooth hit for people requiring that taller tee height.


    A sweet spot for many golfers, the Oversize brush tee offers the perfect height for most situations. It's often one of our best selling tees.

  • product image for combo 3 pack of performance brush tee by brush-t the innovative golf accessory company that makes unbreakable plastic golf tees.


    Highly popular variety pack for the golfers that know which tees they like but prefer to buy an assortment and play with multiple tees.

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brush tees are made specifically for different clubs. check out the comparison with wooden tees.

the whole package

each brush tee comes with protective capsule, bristle preserver, and ball marker.


Do you have minimums?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 12 units.

How long will orders take to ship?

Orders paid by credit card will be shipped within 2-3 business days. We ship based on your chosen carrier.

Can we mix and match our order?

You may order the perfect combination for your business and receive the same quantity discounts. The XLT and 4-pack Combo have different pricing.

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Please reach out to us in the contact form. We'll get in touch to set up your account.

How does the B2B portal work?

In order to streamline ordering, we give approved partners access to their own portal which gives them discounted pricing.

Once you're logged in the discounted pricing will automatically show up. Just add the items to your cart and instantly see the discounts.

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You can make payments easily through our online portal.

We currently allow credit card payments for easy and efficient ording.

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if you'd like to order more than 96 units per order, please contact us for special pricing.


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